Restaurant and Lounge Bar


Let our chefs introduce you to the best of Tanzanian and International cuisine and that’s just the starters. The restaurant serves alacarte menus as well as set buffets. Theme nights are held throughout the week and include barbecues and Swahili menus. We create a set menu each day, which reflects our philosophy of simple food, using the freshest, seasonal ingredients cooked by the chefs in our kitchen. We source many of the vegetables from our own ‘shamba’ (vegetable garden)

For any special needs please speak to the chef, who will be more than happy to cater for your particular taste.


The bar is located in the main building close to the main dining area. The décor has an African touch that makes it a wonderful place to pass time and relax. There is a variety drinks served and include liqueur, soft drinks, cocktails, wines, and spirits, local and international beers. Guests can enjoy a pre-dinner drink around the pool. The seating capacity is about 40 guests

Restaurant and Lounge Bar