If stress is what you are escaping from, and rest is what you need, then Farm of dreams lodge is the perfect place.


Tanzania is a great ornithological destination. The bird life found in the forest is abundant and varied with over of 1,100 species is the third-highest in Africa. Birds can be watched whilst on a safari drive or on an organized nature walk from the lodge. Our resident naturalist will take you on a guided tour through the park to learn about the various bird species


The lodge is located near the most amazing wildlife areas on the planet. We are about 20 minutes drive to The Heritage Ngorongoro Conservation Area. To the east and south lies Lake Manyara National Park, You can also have a day trip to the Tarangire National Park.

Picking your daily herbs and veggies at our own spectacular farm

As the name itself explains as Farm of Dreams, we have our own farm that has seasonal herbs and vegetables which are taken care of well and allows you to have a choice of your favourite herbs and vegetables which we cook for you as per selection.


On alternate evenings a troupe of sangomas or maasai morans entertains guests with traditional songs and dances. This normally takes place after evening dinner at about 9.15pm.